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CineOrasis – 3D or just blurred?

17 Jan

Some time ago we decided to get out of our day to day routine, do something different and go to the cinema after work.
Decided on the day and here we were, few minutes before 7 at CineOrasis Pafos. I passed by many times but I didn’t know was a cinema there and honest, not even then when we stopped I could think that we were in the right place. A long, cold end empty gang was leading to some ticket booth. Nobody there except to guys chatting and a kid running around. Looked around and realized why it was so cold: next door is an ice scating rig (closed at that time) and makes you feel like you just walked in a fridge. Might be nice in the rummer.
The time arrived, no more people showed but we decided to go for it…as long as it was playing.
In the cinema, besides us, one guy with he’s kid. Hmm… we’ve ben told that it was playing for the past 2 or 3 weeks and that’s why is empty.
Adverts start, tried to look but they all looked blurred and thought it was in 3D so I didn’t pay to much attention, waiting for the film to start, wich it did. Then I started to wonder if it was actually me, considering to go and check my eye sight. The entire movie was out of focus, the picture wa blurred and painfull to watch. That explained the almost inexistant audience.
If the owner is aware I hope that he doesn’t woder why so few people are going to that cinema.